Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, And Probate

Properly planning your estate can involve critical decisions. A small mistake could be potentially life-changing to your heirs. To find out if you need our estate planning services, take our Estate Planning Quiz .

Many elder law and probate attorneys will not continue to represent you if the matter they are handling becomes contested. As an experienced trial attorney, Kurt Olson will stay with you, and will make sure your case is properly and zealously presented.

It is never too early to make those hard decisions and settle all the details of your estate. Kurt Olson has the experience and training to help you with develop the ideal plan. We can assist you in planning your estate and minimize taxes through:

• Credit Shelter Trusts

• Marital Deduction Trusts

• Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

• Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

• Wills and Patient Advocate Designations

• Trusts: Revocable Living Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts

• End of Life Decisions – Durable Powers of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate orders

• Planning for Children and Adults with Disabilities

• Alzheimer’s Planning

• Disclaimers

• Post Death Planning

Kurt Olson has vast experience in dealing with all these issues, along with probate of estates, administration of trusts, and litigation of matters that may arise during the administration of the estate or trust. He can also review existing plans and trusts, to make sure you have the best  possible plan in place.

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