You Need To Consult Kurt Olson About Your Estate Plan If:

If even one of the following circumstances applies to you, contact Kurt Olson today to set up a no-obligation consultation:

You have a taxable estate
Right now, estate tax rates vary from 37% to 55%, and apply to both single and married individuals. Kurt Olson can give you the guidance you need to limit or avoid unnecessary estate taxes.

You have a “simple” will already in place
Simple wills can be useful instruments, but they can lead to major problems if they are used in the wrong applications. For example, joint ownership or improperly titled property can cause a simple will to fail.

You own rental property or you are self employed
If you are self employed or have rental property, keep in mind that there can be a significant delay before a personal representative is appointed to care for your business. With good planning, you can avoid letting this situation damage or destroy your business.

You are in a “blended family” situation
Blended families can be difficult. When spouses have children by a previous marriage, one spouse’s children may get left out, or other serious conflicts can develop. Kurt Olson can help you develop a coherent plan that will prevent this and promote peace in your family.

You or a close family member may become incapacitated
If you have not planned for who will make important decisions if you or a close family member should become incapacitated, you may well end up with the Court making those decisions. With proper planning you can avoid unnecessary Court costs, and you will be sure that the person you trust the most will represent your best interests.

You or a family member has a substance abuse problem
If you have a family member who is an abuser of drugs or alcohol, it is up to you to prevent their inheritance from contributing to their problem. Kurt Olson can help protect your estate from the ravages of addiction.

You own property in joint tenancy
Jointly held property can be frozen, exposed to unintended creditors, or subjected to large tax liabilities if one joint tenant owner dies or becomes mentally disabled. With proper planning, your property can be safeguarded for your partner.

You are responsible for a disabled child or a dependent adult
It takes special planning to make sure that disabled children and dependent adults will continue to receive public assistance and benefits that they are currently receiving. Kurt Olson can help you plan for these difficult situations.

You are concerned that you may be an easy target for fraud
An unscrupulous salesperson, contractor, or even a greedy relative may try to “persuade” you to give away your money. Proper planning can minimize the possibility that someone may take advantage of you, especially as you age.

You have estate plan that has not been recently updated
Your situation and needs are constantly changing. Make certain that your plans keep pace. Contact the Law Offices of Kurt Olson today.