Elder Law Practice

The rights and needs of senior citizens in our society are sometimes all too easy to overlook or ignore. Plus, as more options and programs for seniors become available, it can become harder and harder to deal with complex guidelines and bureaucratic red tape.

You need to know the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights.

Many elder law and probate attorneys will not continue to represent you if the matter they are handling becomes contested. As an experienced trial attorney, Kurt Olson will stay with you, and will make sure your case is properly and zealously presented.

The law offices of Kurt Olson stand for the rights of our elder clients and their families. We are here to help our senior clients deal with issues like:

• Durable power of attorney – make certain that if you are incapacitated, all the decisions that made are in your best interest

• Preparation of HIPAA planning documents  – Your Medical records are your own business – we can help you keep it that way

• Petitions for Guardianships and Conservatorships – If you have an incapacitated relative, be prepared to act in his or her best interest

• DHS case conferences and administrative hearings – We can help you deal with the bureaucracy and achieve the best result

• Asset protection and transfers – Kurt Olson can help you be certain that what is yours stays yours

• Long term care insurance policies – We can help you sort through the confusing array of options

• Long term health care preparations – We can help you select and negotiate the best nursing home or assisted living situation for your needs

• Preparation of Medicaid applications – The Law Offices of Kurt Olson will help you navigate through the bureaucracy

• Financial Elder Abuse – If you or a relative is being victimized financially, we can help fight for your rights

• Nursing Home Negligence – There is no excuse for a care facility neglecting their charges, but it happens every day. Kurt Olson can help you fight back

• Advanced directives for medical decision making  and Do Not Resuscitate orders – Be certain your wishes are known

Kurt Olson is a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, and  an experienced specialist in issues concerning the elderly, long-term care, and care for special needs individuals. He knows how to protect the rights of senior clients and navigate through that sometimes overwhelming maze of government forms and program requirements.

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